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IV Nutrition

Relax & recline as you receive your favorite revitalizing cocktail, enveloped by soft music and velvet drapes.

Want to look and feel better, and restore your vitality from within?

IV Nutrition therapies continue to increase in popularity among celebrities and in larger markets. We’ve done our research to see what all the fuss is about, and these treatments are worth the hype. Looking for the “Fountain of Youth?” We have a package for that! Maybe a hangover cure? Our team has you covered, with hydration, vitamins and a soft blanket while you enjoy taking it in.

We’re proud to bring this innovative treatment to our friends and neighbors here in southern West Virginia — our team has experienced the benefits first-hand and we’re glad we can share this with you!

Fountain of Youth

Great for anti-aging, and cellular repair helps rid the body of free radicals, detoxifies the liver, and brightens the skin. This treatment can be customized for your needs.

This is one of our favorites!

Natural Defense

Traveling? Overworked and overwhelmed? Or maybe you just want a little extra insurance for your immune system? Our Natural Defense package has what you need for an immunity boost.

Rise and Shine

Feeling a little tired after a long weekend? Recovering from food poisoning or a virus (or a good time)? This treatment will replenish your electrolytes and give you an energy boost with plenty of B vitamins. You should start feeling better within 30 – 45 minutes!

The Executive

Our super hydration drip. This treatment is great for those who work long hours, are stressed, fatigued or drained from traveling. The Executive treatment replenishes electrolytes and provides hydration and B vitamins for energy.

Skin Brightening Package

This potent treatment contains two powerful antioxidants: Glutathione and Vitamin C. Together, this superhero duo helps cleanse and detoxify the body and aids the skin’s renewal and cell turnover. This treatment can help fade the appearance of scars, prevent dark spots and speed up the wound healing process.

Glutathione Only

This is the single, most potent antioxidant with anti-aging properties! Glutathione is used to cleanse and detoxify the body, especially the liver. It can prevent damage to your skin and cells, which will directly impact how you look and feel. Note: contraindicated for those with sulfa allergies or asthma.

Essential Hydration

If you suffer from dehydration for any reason, this treatment helps replenish your body with a full liter of saline. Want an extra boost? We’ll customize your hydration treatment with ingredients of your choice such as B12, B Complex, Vitamin C and glutathione.

Skinny Shots

Always a fan favorite! Just the right boost in B vitamins to help get your metabolism going.

Want to customize your own treatment regimen? We’ll help you create one that’s just right for you!